This day is a special day, it is the day that I have chosen to reveal you my project: ObsidianOS!

ObsidianOS is a multitasking, POSIX compliant and written in Rust Operating System (OS) under GPL license.

Definition of ObsidianOS

Let’s understand this sentence!

ObsidianOSIt is the name of the OS.
MultitaskingIt means that the OS can run several processes at the same time.
POSIX compliantPOSIX is a specification of OSes. All GNU/Linux operating systems follow this specification.
RustRust is a programming language which empower everyone to build reliable and efficient software.
Operating System (OS)An OS is a software which can run several other softwares. This role is to create a communication layer between the hardware and the softwares.
GPL licenseThe GPL license is a free software license which allows you to use the software for any usage, to read its source code, to modify it and to redistribute your modified source.

I have chosen to create this project to understand how an OS works. That’s why I am also writing a guide about OS Development.



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